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2.6 lakh students in Kerala do not have access to cable TV or internet


An investigation was carried out in the context of the government’s decision to hold online courses from June 1.

Almost 2.6 lakhs of Kerala students do not have access to a cable TV, computer or cell phone with an Internet connection, according to a survey by the Department of General Education.

Samagra Siksha Kerala collected data from over 43.76 lakh of pre-primary to Plus Two students in public schools and found that over 2.6 lakh of students had no facilities for lessons. in line.

The survey was conducted against the background of the Kerala government considering a proposal to start online courses for students from June 1.

The number of students without such facilities was highest in Wayanad District at 21,653. This represents 15 percent of the total number of students in the district.

Alappuzha has the smallest number of students who have facilities, 6,683. This represents 2.94 percent of the total number of students, according to a report on the Hindu.

The survey is a preliminary study on the basis of which the government is likely to decide on a mechanism to integrate these students into online courses. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan had said earlier that arrangements would be made for those students who do not have such facilities.

The Hindu article quotes the director of the Samagra Siksha Kerala project, AP Kuttykrishnan, as saying that between 2.6 and 3 lakh students in this state have no connection to television or the Internet.

It would henceforth also be tempted to study the distribution of these pupils at the level of the districts to verify the possibility of giving access to television to these pupils in a common space, such as libraries or even schools, while respecting physical distancing.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, the Chief Minister of Kerala confirmed that Pinarayi Vijayan confirmed that all SSLC, upper secondary and upper secondary vocational examinations for state students will take place according to the scheduled dates, between May 26 and 30.


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