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Cablevision’s New Optimum App Delivers the Complete Cable TV Experience on an iPad at Home

Along with around 300 live channels and access to VOD, the Optimum app for iPad features enhanced guide information that makes it easier than ever for customers to find the content they already receive as part of their subscription to cable television. Programming is fully searchable, including by genre, and the app includes the ability to schedule DVR recordings and manage previously recorded content.

“This app enables the iPad to function as a television, bringing all the richness and diversity of our cable television service to a home display device,” said Tom Rutledge, Chief Operating Officer of Cablevision. “This gives our customers the added flexibility and convenience of watching TV throughout the home, in places where set-top boxes may not be ideal or even practical, such as the kitchen, bathroom or living room. This is the future of advanced digital cable televisions, served with virtual set-top boxes, and just one of many digital displays that we will be serving across a variety of applications,” Mr. Rutledge concluded.

Cablevision uses its secure, proprietary Advanced Digital Cable television network to provide customers with cable programming to view on the Optimum app for iPad, and the content is not streamed over the Internet. The app turns the iPad into an additional television, allowing Cablevision customers to view the same live programming and VOD content already broadcast on other televisions in the home as part of the service they paid for. Cablevision has the right to distribute programming on its cable system to iPads configured this way under its existing distribution agreements with programming providers. Cablevision has been serving its customers with dial-up digital cable for over five years. Advanced Digital Cable allows the company to switch to multiple digital formats as its customers continue to purchase the latest display devices. Customers do not need to have internet access to use the Optimum app for iPad.

Cablevision plans to roll out additional apps that bring the same experience to other tablets and display devices, functioning like televisions. The company plans to integrate remote control functionality into the Optimum iPad app this summer.

About Cablevision

Cablevision Systems Corporation (NYSE: CVC) is one of the nation’s leading media and entertainment companies. Its assets include cable television operations that provide premium services to more than 3 million new York households in the region. A state-of-the-art cable system allows the company to offer a full range of premium residential and commercial communications services, including its iO TV® digital television, Optimum Online® high-speed Internet, Optimum Voice® digital voice, Optimum ® Wi-Fi wireless Internet and Optimum Lightpath® integrated business communications solutions. Cablevision also provides advanced video, voice and Internet services to more than 300,000 homes in Colorado, Montana, Wyoming and Utah. Through Rainbow Media Holdings LLC, Cablevision operates several successful programming and entertainment businesses, including AMC, IFC, Sundance Channel, WE tv and IFC Entertainment. Cable serves new York area with compelling local content from News 12 Networks, a leader in local news; MSG Varsity, a suite of television and online services covering high school activities; and, Newsday Media Group, a business unit that includes Newsday, Long Islandthe main daily of . The company also owns and operates Clearview Cinemas, which includes manhattanthe famous Ziegfeld Theater, a frequent and historic venue for film premieres and events.

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