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Channels The DVR now records cable and satellite TV streaming

The Canals The DVR app and software have become my go-to solution for watching live OTA TV and recording local channels. When you pair channels with an HDHomeRun tuner, you have instant access to stream local stations to any supported apps on iOS, FireTV, or Android devices. If you choose to pay for More Channels, you then have the possibility of recording these emissions on several platforms of your choice. My specific setup involves a Quatro HDHomeRun tuner, a Synology DS218 + NAS, and an iPad / Apple TV for viewing. This setup turned out to be the smoothest and fastest viewing and recording I have ever used. The DS218 + is even more powerful to enable automatic trade jump and hardware transcoding during playback.

With today TV channels everywhere Release, Channels now lets you add pay TV as a viewing and recording source! The functionality comes in the form of a public beta for Channels Plus members who wish to help expand testing. To get started, you need to make sure that you have the latest version of the Channels server software. From there, you just add a new TV Everywhere source from the admin screen. Connect with your existing provider (Direct TV in my example), and the channels will retrieve all available channels from that source. Once the data in your guide has been updated, you will be able to access these new channels immediately and most importantly, they are available for recording! Channels, now with or without home tuner equipment.

Some points listed below:

  • H264 streams are of high quality but don’t use a lot of disk space.
  • Can watch and record cable streams that might not be available through HDHomeRunPrime.
  • No CableCARD rental fees.
  • Stereo sound.
  • No access to local network stations.
  • Not all cable channels are available.
  • Streaming bandwidth is factored into monthly data caps.

I have been testing this new feature for a few days, it just works. I am able to stream any subscribed channel from my provider and have the option of recording these shows for later viewing as well. The best part is that once recorded I’m able to transfer those recordings to whatever platform I want.

So if you’re looking to help test this latest feature, head over to the Channel Community Forum for details.

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