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Internet TV in the spotlight

June 19, 2015 3:00 p.m. (UTC + 04:00)

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By Vusala Abbasova

Life has become more powerful and richer during the century of inventions and technological improvements. We welcome every new thing that comes into our life on a daily basis and watching Internet TV has become an integral part of our daily routine.

“Sports is one of those things that still drives people to watch TV in a linear fashion,” says Tony Emerson, chief executive of Microsoft who works closely with hundreds of media and cable TV companies in the world.

The difference between cable TV and Internet TV is in the over-the-air transmission. Most of the people prefer to watch the live streaming of their favorite programs.

Internet TV makes it easy to watch programs on any device, from TVs to smartphones, and gives you more freedom to watch what you want to watch.

More than three million people in Azerbaijan occasionally use the Internet, which creates a favorable opportunity for the development of online television in the country.

One of the best features of Internet TV is that it is broadcast over an Internet connection, instead of receiving TV programs as broadcast signals that enter the house from an antenna on the roof, satellite dish or cable.

The Internet allows us to watch videos from all over the world from a variety of devices.

Internet Protocol Television uses Internet technology to deliver “on demand” television programs. Many Internet providers in Azerbaijan now offer this service to their subscribers to watch various TV channels.

Traditional broadcasting means one-way broadcasting of information, but Internet television offers the possibility of a much more interactive experience where information flows both ways.

Aile TV is the first company in Azerbaijan to provide Internet TV service.

Internet TV from Wing TV proves access to the views of many TV channels around the world, anywhere there is Internet access.

Additionally, Aile TV subscribers are offered Aile TV Player, which becomes available to watch online TV on any TV.

This incredible opportunity is truly a chance to get rid of the traditional TV programming and make a choice for yourself.

Stay online to watch your favorite shows!

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